New Year resolutions

I’ve been thinking of environmentally friendly New Year resolutions for Transition Newcastle. Here are some suggestions

  1. Change to 100% Green Energy. Green energy comes from renewable sources such as the sun and wind. For an average family it costs around $1 a day and if everybody who had thought of doing it actually changed, it would revolutionise our energy industry.
  2. Reduce your energy use by at least 10%
  3. Use your car less
  4. Stop buying bottled water
  5. Support small local business rather than large corporations
  6. Buy local produce wherever possible
  7. Buy your fruit, vegetables and meat from green grocers and butchers rather than supermarket chains
  8. Start a vegetable garden
  9. Have a local produce dinner (where everything comes from within 150 kms) once a week or once a month
  10. Put on warm clothes (and even a blanket) rather than turn on the heater
  11. Reduce your clutter by giving away something from your home every day
  12. Join a community garden
  13. Use public transport
  14. Walk or ride a bike for short trips
  15. Use fans rather than an air conditioner as much as possible
  16. Eat less meat (or better still go vegetarian/vegan)
  17.  Take your own shopping bags
  18. Start or get involved in a school garden
  19. Visit a farmers market
  20. Buy less
  21. Teach your children how to sew or to make something with wood
  22. Get rid of your second fridge (or at least turn it off for most of the year)
  23. Say no to plastic bags
  24. Convert your down lights to LED
  25. Get a solar hot water system
  26. Start a compost bin or a worm farm
  27. Attend the Fair Share Festival in March 2012
  28. Help organise the Transition Streets Challenge
  29. Learn about Permaculture
  30.  Join an environment group
  31. Freecycle things you no longer need

About Graeme Stuart

Lecturer (Family Action Centre, Newcastle Uni), blogger (Sustaining Community), environmentalist, Alternatives to Violence Project facilitator, father. Passionate about families, community development, peace & sustainability.
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2 Responses to New Year resolutions

  1. Graeme says:

    Hi Phil
    I’m far from an expert on the matter, but I’m not convinced by some of the carbon offset programs. I’m not sure how long term they are and even how reliable they are in stating how much carbon they are offsetting. To me one of the advantages of 100% Green Energy is that it doesn’t create the carbon in the first place. We need to be doing as much carbon offsetting as we can to reduce the levels of carbon in the atmosphere.
    I know what you mean about feeling bad about giving $2000 to a corporation, but if it helps to build up the renewable energy industry, maybe there is some point.
    I certainly don’t think there is any one correct answer and there are many potential paths. At least you are thinking and doing your bit for a more sustainable world.


  2. Phil says:

    I wonder about the cost effectiveness of Green Energy. It costs me about $2000 a year at the shop. Recently I looked at offsetting the carbon emissions we create driving to Sydney twice a week to pick up our produce and while I was looking at this I enquired how much it would cost to offset our carbon emissions from the electricity we use at the shop and it was about a fifth of what the electricity company was charging me. I guess the good thing about Green Energy is that it (supposedly) directly supports the renewable energy sector. The thing I feel uncomfortable about is giving my $2000 to a corporation that should have been investing in clean energy anyway. Maybe I would be better off buying shares directly in a clean energy company or investing it with an ethical fund that promotes clean energy or maybe just giving the money to someone like transition towns or CAN or Rising Tide to fund (albeit in a small way but maybe if more people did it,it could be quite substantial??) their awesome activism?

    But I love the rest of the resolutions :)


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