Kids’ Vegies on the Verge turns 1!

Birthday signThe Kids’ Vegies on the Verge is one year old! Over the weekend around 70 people celebrate its first birthday. (Notice the spelling in the sign above!)

PartyEvery birthday needs a cake, so Cathy helped some of the kids make a garden cake. They had great fun working out how to make corn, peas, tomatoes and other vegies out of lollies. They even made small signs and a hole in the cake (which they filled with lolly “compost”) for the worm farm. I kept telling them that it was a representation not a replica.

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Neighbours provided all sorts of treats for a wonderful afternoon tea. One of the neighbours, who couldn’t make it to the party, left all the ingredients (including baking paper with a circle marked on it) for a beautiful chocolate and cherry cake which another neighbour baked.

?????????? ??????????

The main activity of the afternoon (besides eating, socialising and playing) was making a scarecrow. Jasmine and Alexa had done some research on how to make one and, with the help of some of the parents (mainly mums), the kids created an impressive scarecrow which now sits proudly in the garden.

??????????The Good Organic Gardening magazine is preparing a story on the garden so the editor/photographer (Diane Norris) came up for the day and joined in the fun.

DianeI’m very proud of what Cathy has done with the garden. As I’ve commented before, the garden flourishes because of Cathy’s care. The kids sometimes work in the garden (e.g., there were three short working bees during the last school holidays) and have a real sense of ownership, but they e often more interested in playing together. Cathy makes sure the garden is maintained, continually looks for ways to involve the kids and welcomes input from other adults.

I continue to be amazed at the difference Kids’ Vegies on the Verge has made to our street.

The following are some more photos from the day.

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