Sculpture by the Sea – involving the kids

Sculpture by the Sea 2014

That tranquil moment by Stephen Marr

Last weekend we took the kids to see Sculpture by the Sea – a wonderful sculpture exhibition at Bondi Beach. Taking children to this type of event can be challenging – it can be a long day and the kids can get bored. Three years ago when we first took them to this exhibition they were aged 10 and 7, and Cathy had the great idea of keeping them interested by encouraging them to interact with the sculptures. Fortunately it is an exhibition that allows this type of thing – although watch the signs as some say do not touch. (Have a look at the post Sculpture by the Sea as community engagement.)

Sculpture by the Sea 2014

Resignation by Michael Purdy

It kept them amused for the five plus hours we were there. We did it again this year, and they were engaged the whole time. After the experience in 2011, they couldn’t wait to see the exhibition again and, as they expected, had a great time.

Sculpture by the Sea 2014

The ascetic by Naidee Changmoh

They probably would have enjoyed the exhibition without the photos, but they would have been less engaged and I’m sure they wouldn’t have enjoyed themselves as much.

Sculpture by the Sea 2014

My house is your home by Ken Unsworth

Sculpture by the See is an annual event held

Sculpture by the Sea 2014

Glamarama by Linton Meagher

How do you engage your children in art exhibitions?

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