A song for Sunday – Nuclear

“Nuclear” by Mike Oldfield (from Man on the Rocks, 2014) was inspired by the experience of his grandfather in World War I and the impact the war had on his family. In an interview with the Telegraph, Oldfield said he believed he was still living with the fallout from the war.

Oldfield’s mother suffered from alcoholism and depression from when he was a young child and Oldfield wonders if her death (a bit over 18 months after the release of Tubular Bells) was suicide (from his autobiography). In the Telegraph interview, Oldfield explained,

I never knew him [his grandfather] so I hired a company to find out about him. It turned out he was a great character before the war but came home a very different man. My mum was one of ten or eleven kids and all the children born after the war had problems like hers. (Telegraph)

This video clip, however, uses footage from Camp Desert Rock nuclear tests from the US Army and provides another way of thinking about the song.

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