Dear Future Generations: Sorry

For Earth Day, it is a pleasure to share Dear Future Generations: Sorry by Prince Ea, a spoken word artist.

We are currently ignoring the interests of future generations and are unwilling to accept some short-term economic pain in the long-term interests of our descendents. It is as if we are intent on spending our children’s inheritance. Rather than making difficult decisions we are expecting our children to tidy up the mess we have created.

There will be plenty of detractors who will say Prince Ea has his facts wrong. Somebody has already commented on YouTube:

Scaremongering at its finest. It isn’t 1990 any more… Developed countries such as America have actually experienced an increase in the size of forests and have more trees than they had 200 years ago. In order to save the environment you must target the corruption and improve the economies in developing countries which is what we are succeeding in doing. This guy is just trying to get popular through this typical over hyped BS. The Earth is gonna be fine, its resilient. It survived a fucking meteor and an Ice Age… Morons.

I get blown away by this type of comment. I don’t understand why people become so angry. It also worth remembering the video isn’t science. It’s art. Yes, some of the statements are fairly extreme but he is using poetry to make a powerful point. I guess the commenter shouldn’t be taken to literally either. His comment isn’t exactly poetry, but maybe he was being ironic.

Over the past decade we have witnessed a whole series of apologies from national and international leaders for a range of past injustices; but we don’t see to learn. The way we are abusing the environment  and refusing to heed the warning signs of climate change, means will have much to be sorry for. Instead of being sorry, we could try engaging in community conversations about what we want our legacy to be and changing our current priorities.

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