The earth is doing just fine – really?

Earth doing fine - tweet from Fox News

A World Earth Hour tweet from Fox News. Incredible.

This is an unbelievable tweet from Fox News for World Earth Day. In the accompanying article  it says:

Wednesday, April 22 is Earth Day. To hear the experts like Usher and Al Gore tell the story, the planet is in a miserable state. We’re running out of our natural resources, we’re overpopulating the globe and running out of room, the air that we breathe is becoming toxic, the oceans are rising and soon major coastal cities will be underwater, and the Earth is, of course, heating up, except when it is cooling down.

This is perhaps the single greatest misinformation campaign in world history. Virtually none of these claims are even close to the truth — except for the fact that our climate is always changing as it has for hundreds of thousands of years.

It then gives six “factual realities we should be celebrating on Earth Day”

  1. Natural resources are more abundant and affordable today than ever before in history.
  2. ‎Energy — the master resource — is super-abundant.
  3. Our air and water are cleaner.
  4. There is no Malthusian nightmare of overpopulation.
  5. Global per capita food production is 40 percent higher today than as recently as 1950.
  6. The rate of death and physical destruction from natural disasters or severe weather changes has plummeted over the last 50 to 100 years.

I’d be interested to know the sources of these facts, but regardless, notice that most of these are not about the state of the earth but about humans and their impact on the earth. Natural resources might be more available (due to mining etc) but they aren’t more abundant. If air and water are cleaner it is because we are polluting them less than we used to. If food production is up it’s because of changes to farming (including the use of more chemical fertilizers and pesticides). If the rate of death and physical destruction from natural disasters or severe weather have decreased it is because of improved planning and design not a decrease in extreme weather. (If anything extreme weather will increase with climate change.)

I am speechless at their ability to ignore all the world’s national bodies of scientists who warn that climate change is a major threat, their blindness to the need to live with in the limits of the planet and their faith that everything will be fine.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The earth is doing just fine.


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