Some weekend reading

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(Photo: Will Brenner)

Every Friday I post some links to articles, videos or other resources that have caught my eye during the week. Some might be quite recent, but others might be older ones I have revisited or recently discovered. They will mainly focus on families, community engagement or environmental sustainability, but not necessarily.

Newsflash: Princesses can climb trees from Running Wild – in the end “It’s what we do, not what we wear, that counts.” (Quite a short reflection.)

Consumerism is Hurting Our Kids from Generation Next – “There’s a growing realisation that consumerism and the ability to acquire more and more stuff such as toys, clothes and digital devices might not be doing our kids many favours.”

Changing Your Culture of Public Participation (or, Not Giving the Chance to Say Stupid Things in Public) from Wise Economy Workshop – “We have to change the culture of community participation, and we have to do it top to bottom.”

Placemaking and Place-Led Development: A New Paradigm for Cities of the Future from Project for Public Spaces – “working together around the common goal of “place” is a key step in creating safer, healthier, and more inclusive communities.”

Quality Of Life Versus Standard of Living from Leading Differently – some reflections on the difference between the two.

‘Leave it in the ground’: The stark message for coal from Renew Economy – 90% of the Australia’s coal reserves must stay in the ground or we risk blowing the world’s carbon budget

One from my vaults

Ron Finley: A guerilla gardener in South Central LA

What have you been reading?

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Lecturer (Family Action Centre, Newcastle Uni), blogger (Sustaining Community), Alternatives to Violence Project facilitator, environmentalist, father. Passionate about families, community development, peace, sustainability.
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