Straight to the pool room!

A class awardI’m not into bragging about our kids in public (OK, I’m into it, but try not to do it too much) but a class award “For outstanding insights into bias, stereotyping, propaganda and censorship” was too good not to share.

As one of our friends commented, “I love that this award exists!” It’s great that the teacher of an upper primary class noticed and commended a student for these insights.

Of course, I’m also proud that Alexa (who’s in Year 6) is socially aware enough to have been able to contribute to class discussion in this way. She probably wouldn’t use these words (in fact she wasn’t sure what one of them meant) but she gets the concepts.

I suspect it helps that the school offers ethics classes for students who have opted out of scripture (Special Religious Education). In the ethics classes they are encouraged to think for themselves, engage in discussion and dialogue, consider other people’s points of view and to be respectful when dealing with differences and disagreements. They explore topics like:

  • Diversity and tolerance
  • Is Lying Wrong?
  • Structure of Arguments
  • Jumping to conclusions
  • Stealing is illegal. Is it also morally wrong?
  • Are some things just wrong?

Alexa is used to discussing a range of issues, and loves being able to have discussion with her peers in the ethics classes. I should point out though that the award was not from the volunteer who teaches the ethics class, but from her normal classroom teacher.

I’m sure it helps that we try to have meaningful conversations with the girls and have many interesting discussions. I’m so looking forward to watching them grow, being challenged as their value and belief systems develop and change, and seeing how they live their lives.

I have to say we are so lucky to have such wonderful girls!

Bragging over – normal transmissions will resume!

By the way, for non Australian readers, the blog title is a reference to “The Castle,” a classic Australian film (which our girls loved). It’s about an ordinary, loving family who fight the “compulsory acquisition” of their beloved home which is in the way of an airport expansion. It’s one of all-time my favourite films and I just love how supportive and loving the family is.

The following short clip shows the origin of this post’s title. “Straight to the pool” room is now part of the Australian vernacular, so when another friend said, “O my, that’s one for the pool room I reckon,” we all knew what she meant.

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