A song for Sunday – Take me to Church

As my daughters grow up, I’m enjoying how our relationship is much more reciprocal. When they were younger, they listened to music we liked. Now they are introducing us to music. “Take me to church” by Hozier is one they introduced me to a while ago, and it’s a good one. The video is disturbing in its story of homophobic violence.

According to Hozier

“Take Me to Church” is essentially about sex, but it’s a tongue-in-cheek attack at organizations that would … undermine humanity by successfully teaching shame about sexual orientation — that it is sinful, or that it offends God. The song is about asserting yourself and reclaiming your humanity through an act of love.(NY Magazine)

(Yes, it is a day late – sorry about that!)

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About Graeme Stuart

Lecturer (Family Action Centre, Newcastle Uni), blogger (Sustaining Community), environmentalist, Alternatives to Violence Project facilitator, father. Passionate about families, community development, peace, sustainability.
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1 Response to A song for Sunday – Take me to Church

  1. cbecker53 says:

    How cool that your kids are now sharing “their” music with you and introducing you to new stuff. :-)

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