How many blog views per day?

Number of blog views per day

Number of blog views per day

I sometimes wonder how many views per day other bloggers receive. I know I should be writing for myself; I know that just because somebody “views” my blog it doesn’t mean they read anything; and I know that blogging isn’t a popularity context. But I do follow the number of views I receive a day with interest and I do wonder how similar bloggers compare.

I started playing with a blog in late 2010 and started this blog on WordPress in February 2011. Its readership has slowly been increasing. In 2011 I averaged 14 views/day with small increase in 2012 to 23 views/day. At this stage I decided that unless it increased to at least 50 views per day, I was going to call it a day. I’m still going because the following year (2013) I averaged 103 views/day and last year it grew to 217 views/day. So far in 2015 it’s averaged 274 views/day.

Compared to many blogs it’s pretty small and I know there are many bloggers out there (including other academic bloggers) with a much wider readership. An economics professor at the University of Newcastle gets tens of thousands of views on a typical day ( and I often see other bloggers who seem to grow a loyal and engaged readership quite quickly. Just because there are much more popular blogs out there, doesn’t mean I’m feeling down. Essentially I’m pretty happy with how it’s going although I do confess to hoping it will keep increasing. I would love to be up around 500 views by the end of next year and eventually make it to 1000 views per day.

While it would be nice to increase the readership, I don’t want to do it by changing my focus. I’m happy to experiment with my writing style and some of the content, but still want to keep it well-researched and referenced. It isn’t a personal blog about my life; it’s a blog about families, community engagement and environmental sustainability.

Most of my views are the result of internet searches rather than regular readers; which I suspect is largely due to the nature of the blog. Yesterday the 500th person subscribed to the blog (thanks Les!) and nearly that number again “follow” it via twitter or facebook. I know there are some loyal readers (thanks!) and a few universities refer students to particular blog posts but a bit over half (55%) of the views during the past year have been from internet search engines. I actually suspect quite a lot of my readers are students, because the number of views per day drop significantly during semester breaks in Australia and the USA.

If you are a blogger, I’d love to hear how many views you receive a day and what you are aiming for.

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About Graeme Stuart

Lecturer (Family Action Centre, Newcastle Uni), blogger (Sustaining Community), Alternatives to Violence Project facilitator, environmentalist, father. Passionate about families, community development, peace, sustainability.
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4 Responses to How many blog views per day?

  1. Thank you Mr Graeme. I actually found this page of your blog when I searched on Google, if a blog with 50 views per day is good enough. Seeing this post has risen my confidence as a blogger, since I’m just starting. My blog is:


  2. Thanks Fash. I haven’t got into Google+ although I’ve heard it can be good. I’ll have to have a look.


  3. Hello Graeme,

    I found your blog while searching for an unconventional approach to community development. I have been able to quench some of my thirst with the huge resources about Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) from your blog. Very insightful and interesting!

    I have tried out a bit of this approach in the last 1 month at a rural community makerspace in India and it proved very effective and revealing.

    For my blog, this month I had a rise to 200 views in the last 10 days. I like baby steps and in as much as I am progressing, it’s fine. I got my hands on the power of Google+ communities and it has had a lot of impact on my blog visits.

    Thanks and thanks a lot for the insights you provide here, I will like to connect with you more personally. All the best and hearty cheers.



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