Some good articles/links – Global Overshoot Day

(Photo: Evan Leeson)

(Photo: Evan Leeson)

Yesterday was Global Overshoot Day: the day on which the world’s annual demand for the goods and services that our land and seas can provide (e.g., food, wood, natural fibres and carbon dioxide absorption) exceeds what Earth’s ecosystems can renew in a year. So, not surprisingly, this week’s articles focus on environmental sustainability.

We’ve consumed more than the earth can produce this year from National Geographic –an overview of global overshoot day including historical data (e.g., in 1970 Global Overshoot Day was 23 December and in 2000 it was 4 October).

Earth Overshoot Day 2015 is on Aug. 13th by Sustainability Illustrated – a short video providing an overview.

Ecological footprint calculator by Global Footprint Network – a quick calculator that helps you obtain a rough estimate of your ecological footprint.

Australia’s post-2020 climate target not enough to stop 2C warming: experts from the Conversation – Australia recently announced its greenhouse gas emission targets. Although the government claims they are “fairly and squarely in the middle of comparable economies,” it is well below the 40-60% recommended by the Climate Change Authority.

Staying Human in a Time of Climate Change: New Author on Science, Grief, and Hope by Christopher Zumski Finke in Yes Magazine – an interview with the author of “While Glaciers Slept: Being Human in a Time of Climate Change”.

Climate Listening Project by Dayna Reggero – a great project allowing ordinary people to talk about how climate change effects them.

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