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Kay Faust, a supporter of traditional marriage from the USA, is currently in Australia speaking against marriage equality. When I watched her on Q and A, I was unconvinced by her logic. I agree with some of her positions, e.g., that children often suffer when parent separate, but she seems to go on to argue that gay relationships are unstable, transient and not focussed on kids, and she ignores the fact that some heterosexual relationships can be quite destructive for the children involved. I do not see evidence to support these claims.

This week’s readings include a FactCheck on some of her claims and articles which address some of the issues she raises.

FactCheck Q&A: was Katy Faust correct on same-sex family studies and kids’ rights? by Simon Crouch via the Conversation – Crouch critiques some of Faust’s claims and considers the reliability of some of her sources.

FactCheck: is having a mum and a dad the very best thing for a child? by Simon Crouch via the Conversation – in a factcheck from last month, Crouch also looks at the claim that having a mum and a dad is the best thing for children.

Same-sex parented families in Australia by Deborah Dempsey via the Australian Institute of Family Studies – a brief summary of a longer publication providing an overview of Australian and international literature on families with same-sex parents.

Behind Closed Doors: The Impact of Domestic Violence on Children from UNICEF – a brief summary of the impact domestic violence can have on children, what children need and what policymakers “must do”. Surely Faust would have to accept that a violent heterosexual relationship is worse for children than a loving same-sex relationship?

Children and Separation from Family Relationships Online – I do agree with Faust that children are often hurt when their parents separate, but don’t see this as an argument against same-sex marriage. This paper provides a brief overview of some ways separation can impact on children, and how separating parents can help their children during and after a separation.

How Parental Conflict Hurts Kids by Anna Sutherland via Family Studies – while children are often hurt by separation, they can also be hurt by parental conflict. This post summarises key findings from a book about parental conflict. Even though children can be hurt by separation, sometimes separation is the best option.

My position is that families are incredibly important in the lives of children and so we should provide as much support as we can to parents, regardless of their sexual orientation. There is no doubt, and Faust acknowledges this, that same-sex couples can make great parents.

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