Some good articles/links – strengths-based practice

My most popular post, is on strengths-based practice and the strengths perspective so this weeks collections of readings are about strengths-based approaches to working with individuals and families.

Strengths-based practices: The evidence. A discussion paper by Natalie Scerra from UnitingCare Children, Young People and Families – Scerra provides an overview of research on strengths-based practice.

Principles of strengths-based practice by Wayne Hammond from Resiliency Initiatives – a brief overview of strengths-based practice.

Learning Strengths-Based Practice: Challenging our Personal and Professional Frames by Robert Blundo in Families in Society – “The strengths perspective challenges our personal and professional conventions, our habits of the mind. Shifting from the world of traditional practice to that of a strengths frame challenges our cultural and professional traditions that assume that “truth” is discovered only by looking at underlying and often hidden meanings that only professional understanding and expertise can decipher and amend. This paper explores this challenge as necessary if practitioners are to truly embrace a practice based upon strengths, resilience, and empowerment.”

An Individualized, Strengths-Based Approach in Public Child Welfare Driven Systems of Care from The National Technical Assistance and Evaluation Center ­ draws on the experience of nine “grant communities involved in the Improving Child Welfare Outcomes Through Systems of Care initiative” in the USA to discuss some of the challenges of, and strategies for, implementing and individualised, strengths-based approach.

Starting school: a strengths-based approach towards Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children from the Australian Council for Educational Research – “This paper provides an overview of the role of ‘resilience’ in an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander strengths‐based early learning context. It does this by reviewing the literature and by conducting an analysis of data collected through the Longitudinal Study of Indigenous Children (LSIC), a study that follows two age groups of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children as they grow up.”

A video from the UK on a strength based approach in the context of the Care Act 2014

This post came from a project I’m working on supporting nine children and parenting support programs in regional and rural NSW to enhance their capacity to implement evidence-based programs and practice. The project was funded by the Department funded by the Department of Social Services through the Children and Families Expert Panel. You can see other posts relating to this work at

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