Some good articles/links – mutual self-help parent support groups

(Photo: towbar)

(Photo: towbar)

I’m getting ready to meet with some family workers who want to explore peer support / mutual self-help groups for parents, so that’s the focus of this week’s articles. There isn’t much research evidence but the following articles all draw on research to a certain extent.

Mutual Self-Help Parent Support Groups in the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect by Mary Kay Falconer from the Ounce of Prevention Fund of Florida – identifies some of the premises underpinning parent support groups and the theoretical basis for these types of programs.

The Role of Parent Mutual Support from the FRIENDS National Resource Centre for Community-Based Child Abuse Prevention – briefly discusses some of the evidence in relation to parent mutual self-help support groups

The following are three example of parent support groups.

Parents Anonymous Evidence Supports the Strengthening Families Approach from Parents Anonymous – discusses the five protective factors (e.g., parental resilience and social connections) the program promotes, the principles underlying the program and some of the evidence that supports the program.

Core principle of parent mutual support groups from Circle of Parents via FRIENDS National Resource Centre for Community-Based Child Abuse Prevention – identifies 8 principles of practice that underpin the Circle of Parents program. (Note: the evidence base is not identified.)

Evidence Based Practices for Parent To Parent Support by Betsy Santelli via Parent to Parent USA – identifies 6 principles of practice that underpin Parent to Parent programs. (Note: the evidence base is not identified.)

This post came from a project I’m working on supporting nine children and parenting support programs in regional and rural NSW to enhance their capacity to implement evidence-based programs and practice. The project was funded by the Department funded by the Department of Social Services through the Children and Families Expert Panel. You can see other posts relating to this work at

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