The Sydney People’s Climate March

People's Climate March

Yesterday my family and I joined around 45,000 people at the Sydney People’s Climate March. We travelled down from Newcastle with some of our friends from Transition Newcastle and another 100 or so other people going to the rally. It was encouraging seeing more people boarding the train at every stop on the way.

People's Climate March

At the Domain there were some good speeches and entertainment and a chance to look at some of the signs and to catch up with friends.

People's Climate March

People's Climate March

We had decided to join the Blue section of the march to show we stand for future generations.

People's Climate March

It was certainly the biggest rally my daughters had been to. I must admit I would have liked to see more people joining in. For such an important issue it would have been wonderful to have seen two or three times as many people calling on the Climate Change talks in Paris to start giving climate change the priority it deserves. Given Australia’s woeful history in relation to climate change talks and targets (e.g., at the 1997 Kyoto talks Australia was one of only three countries to allowed to increase its emission and to include land-use changes in emission calculations which meant we virtually had to do nothing to achieve our targets).

People's Climate March

I repeat the call I made in 21 Stories of Transition to COP21.

It’s time. We cannot keep leaving our children to respond to the challenges of climate change. It’s time to stop worrying about short-term interests and to start focusing on long-term impacts. It’s time to show real leadership in the transition to a low carbon, more sustainable future.

There’s more photos on my facebook page.

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