Transparency report (2016)

(Photo: CC BY-SA, flickr/freepress via Flickr)

(Photo: CC BY-SA, flickr/freepress via Flickr)

I recently came across a transparency report on Eco Warrior Princess. A major focus of her post was to be transparent about how much income she generated from her site and, even though I don’t generate any income from the blog, I like the idea.

A few posts back, I suggested that

If measurement is going to make a major difference to the practice of family and community work, we need to become much better at being transparent, open and honest.

There could also be value in being open about my blog stats. When starting blogging I would have appreciated some indication of how well other blogs did, and even now I have very little idea how my blog does compared to others.

At one level it probably shouldn’t matter, but at another level I am curious. So I thought I’d share some of my key stats for 2016. I have a free WordPress blog (with the $39  “no ads” upgrade) which works well for me, although the stats I can provide are limited. I’ve tried using Google Analytics, but haven’t had any luck. (E.g., it says I’ve had 158 page views over the past month, whereas the WordPress stats suggest I’ve had over 13,500 views). Not sure what I’m doing wrong or if it there is a problem using Analytics with the free WordPress sites. Regardless, here are some stats that might be of interest.

Key statistics for 2016

  • Total views in 2016 – 134,343 (Average of 367 views/day)
  • Total visitors in 2016 – 89,530
  • Total like in 2016 – 109
  • Total comments in 2016 – 108
  • Total shares in 2016 – 3,333
  • Total WordPress followers – 350
  • Total email followers – 269
  • Total Twitter followers – 458
  • Total Blog Facebook page followers – 231

Towards the end of 2016 I listed my top posts for the year (including the most viewed posts and the most viewed posts written in 2016).

Below is a list of all the posts that I wrote during the year with how many page views they’ve had (in chronological order). I have no idea if this will be of interest or use to anybody, but who knows.

I’m planning to do a report along these lines regularly (probably once a quarter) so if there is any other information you think I should include (or shouldn’t include) please let me know.

Blog posts written in 2016

  1. 19-Jan-16  Sustaining Community blog – 2015 (53 views)
  2. 20-Jan-16  Looking forward to 2016 (56 views)
  3. 21-Jan-16  What are Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP) workshops? (315 views)
  4. 23-Jan-16  Some good articles/links – 2015 hottest year on record (44 views)
  5. 25-Jan-16  Stan Grant “Racism is destroying the Australian Dream” (232 views)
  6. 26-Jan-16  We need to change the date of Australia Day (77 views)
  7. 27-Jan-16  Special days and dates for families and communities – 2016 (324 views)
  8. 28-Jan-16  Special days and dates for the environment – 2016 (465 views)
  9. 1-Feb-16  Updating a course on community engagement (231 views)
  10. 2-Feb-16  A community engagement reading list (1,740 views)
  11. 4-Feb-16  A very British way of explaining sexual consent (94 views)
  12. 7-Feb-16  A song for Sunday – This Machine (34 views)
  13. 8-Feb-16  Earth Hour 2016 (518 views)
  14. 10-Feb-16  Congratulations to Lock the Gate! (21 views)
  15. 17-Feb-16  Our University strategic plan – what does it offer? (55 views)
  16. 22-Feb-16  What are program logic models? (750 views)
  17. 24-Feb-16  What works in connecting families, communities and schools? (102 views)
  18. 25-Feb-16  An introduction to community engagement (427 views)
  19. 26-Feb-16  A quarter of a million views – thanks everybody! (25 views)
  20. 29-Feb-16  Prescription strength nature – an ad (52 views)
  21. 3-Mar-16  A literature review on supported playgroups (344 views)
  22. 10-Mar-16  Finding literature on working with families (86 views)
  23. 10-Mar-16  Research evidence for family (and community) workers (453 views)
  24. 22-Mar-16  A welcome slide for Collaborate Ultra (36 views)
  25. 28-Mar-16  The Parent Empowerment and Efficacy Measure (PEEM) (378 views)
  26. 6-Apr-16  Questions for an Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP) workshop (236 views)
  27. 11-Apr-16  A reading list on ABCD (over 100 resources) (1,990 views)
  28. 14-Apr-16  Program fidelity and baking a cake (227 views)
  29. 21-Apr-16  Dave Meslin: The antidote to apathy (191 views)
  30. 5-May-16  Transition Newcastle Convenor report (May 2016) (61 views)
  31. 13-May-16  Team building before facilitating (73 views)
  32. 30-May-16  36 ideas for helping to engage fathers (161 views)
  33. 31-May-16  Engaging fathers: An overview of evidence-based practice (233 views)
  34. 3-Jun-16  Reconciliation week: It can’t stop now (34 views)
  35. 7-Jul-16  An overview of literature on supported playgroups (186 views)
  36. 8-Jul-16  Over 60 ideas to consider for strong supported playgroups (101 views)
  37. 12-Jul-16  Navigating dilemmas of community development: Practitioner reflections on working with Aboriginal communities (405 views)
  38. 20-Jul-16  Luis von Ahn: Massive-scale online collaboration (103 views)
  39. 25-Jul-16  Types of community engagement – creating boxes? (424 views)
  40. 27-Jul-16  Australia’s Shame – some thoughts on the treatment of youth in detention (74 views)
  41. 29-Jul-16  Conflict and homeless youth (50 views)
  42. 30-Jul-16  Beware of the Magic Seven Travel scam (159 views)
  43. 3-Aug-16  Engaging Aboriginal fathers (201 views)
  44. 4-Aug-16  Cathy, upcycling and raising children (61 views)
  45. 15-Aug-16  Don’t call me doctor! (209 views)
  46. 18-Aug-16  How do we respond to the One Nation party? (58 views)
  47. 19-Aug-16  Weaving Parenting Partnerships into Service Delivery (153 views)
  48. 23-Aug-16  Seven principles for a strengths-based approach to working with groups (796 views)
  49. 25-Aug-16  Connecting Communities Conference (46 views)
  50. 30-Aug-16  Keeping contact with students in online teaching (52 views)
  51. 6-Sep-16  6 characteristics of an urban village (125 views)
  52. 9-Sep-16  The Fair Share Festival (96 views)
  53. 14-Sep-16  What is evidence-based practice? (155 views)
  54. 15-Sep-16  What are evidence-based programs? (84 views)
  55. 23-Sep-16  What is evidence-informed practice? (43 views)
  56. 27-Sep-16  7 principles guiding my work (210 views)
  57. 30-Sep-16  Rethinking the roles of families and clients in evidence-based practice (80 views)
  58. 6-Oct-16  Retelling the story of Rosa Parks and the Montgomery bus boycott (Paul Schmitz) (46 views)
  59. 13-Oct-16  Encouraging a broad understanding of community engagement (405 views)
  60. 15-Oct-16  It’s better to light one candle (47 views)
  61. 16-Oct-16  Learning to love ParkRun (73 views)
  62. 23-Oct-16  Mobilising community assets and volunteers can have side effects (296 views)
  63. 25-Oct-16  Two girls and a tiny house (298 views)
  64. 1-Nov-16  A blogging milestone (61 views)
  65. 16-Nov-16  Photographic reflections on the Fair Share Festival (84 views)
  66. 23-Nov-16  Visit by Indonesian academics (34 views)
  67. 28-Nov-16  Visit by Indonesian academics (part 2) (11 views)
  68. 29-Nov-16  Measuring impact and being open and transparent (54 views)
  69. 30-Nov-16  Planning and implementing evidence-based programs and practice in family services in rural and regional NSW (56 views)
  70. 13-Dec-16  Why you should talk to strangers by Kio Stark (26 views)

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