Transparency report (2016)

(Photo: CC BY-SA, flickr/freepress via Flickr)

(Photo: CC BY-SA, flickr/freepress via Flickr)

I recently came across a transparency report on Eco Warrior Princess. A major focus of her post was to be transparent about how much income she generated from her site and, even though I don’t generate any income from the blog, I like the idea.

A few posts back, I suggested that

If measurement is going to make a major difference to the practice of family and community work, we need to become much better at being transparent, open and honest.

There could also be value in being open about my blog stats. When starting blogging I would have appreciated some indication of how well other blogs did, and even now I have very little idea how my blog does compared to others.

At one level it probably shouldn’t matter, but at another level I am curious. So I thought I’d share some of my key stats for 2016. I have a free WordPress blog (with the $39  “no ads” upgrade) which works well for me, although the stats I can provide are limited. I’ve tried using Google Analytics, but haven’t had any luck. (E.g., it says I’ve had 158 page views over the past month, whereas the WordPress stats suggest I’ve had over 13,500 views). Not sure what I’m doing wrong or if it there is a problem using Analytics with the free WordPress sites. Regardless, here are some stats that might be of interest.

Key statistics for 2016

  • Total views in 2016 – 134,343 (Average of 367 views/day)
  • Total visitors in 2016 – 89,530
  • Total like in 2016 – 109
  • Total comments in 2016 – 108
  • Total shares in 2016 – 3,333
  • Total WordPress followers – 350
  • Total email followers – 269
  • Total Twitter followers – 458
  • Total Blog Facebook page followers – 231

Towards the end of 2016 I listed my top posts for the year (including the most viewed posts and the most viewed posts written in 2016).

Below is a list of all the posts that I wrote during the year with how many page views they’ve had (in chronological order). I have no idea if this will be of interest or use to anybody, but who knows.

I’m planning to do a report along these lines regularly (probably once a quarter) so if there is any other information you think I should include (or shouldn’t include) please let me know.

Blog posts written in 2016

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