Jasmine and Larni’s tiny house on national TV

Jasmine and Larni's tiny house (with Adam)

Larni, Jasmine and Adam

Last week, the National TV show, Better Homes and Gardens,  featured Jasmine and Larni’s tiny house.

The frame of the tiny house

The frame of the tiny house

Planning for the tiny house started in June 2016 when Cathy suggested that Jasmine and Larni might like to build a tiny house out of recycled and waste materials as part of Transition Newcastle’s Fair Share Festival. In the TV show we would have focused more on challenging consumption and waste, but were essentially happy with how Better Homes and Gardens presented it.

Fair Share Festival

Jasmine working on the tiny house

While the focus was on Jasmine and Larni (and Adam from  Better Homes and Gardens) it did acknowledge that many people helped the girls. In particular, Ian (a builder), Cathy (Jasmine’s mother), Cayde (an artisan welder) and Micheal (the son of a woman involved in Transition Newcastle) put in many hours towards the project.

In order to be able to most of the build at the weekend, the small team did a lot of preparation including building the frame, modifying the trailer, cutting the cladding, and making a door and some of the other fittings.

Demin wall (Tiny House)

Building the denim wall for the tiny house

During the festival over 20 people helped with the construction of the tiny house, making more fittings and creating the lovely denim wall (which was coordinated by Larni’s mum, Dani and Michael’s mum, Sue). It really was a community effort.


Filming Adam with the tiny house

The filming for Better Homes and Gardens was done over three days: the day before, and the weekend of, the Fair Share Festival. The girls were exhausted by the end of the weekend, but had a wonderful time. The crew from Better Homes and Garden were very supportive, encouraging and fun to work with.

The tiny house is now in Larni’s backyard.

The tiny house in Larni's backyard

The tiny house in Larni’s backyard

Thanks to everyone involved.

The tiny house team

Cayde, Jasmine, Michael, Larni and Ian (Cathy is missing from the photo)

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