The story of microfibres

The latest video from the makers of The Story of Stuff focuses on microfibres.

The use of synthetic fibres has been steadily increasing with two-thirds of new clothing now being made from synthetic fibres.


(Source: Textile Beat)

Microfibres in oceans and waterways are an increasing problem. A recent study found that when synthetic jackets are washed in a washing machine, they release an average of 1.7 grams of microfibres each wash. While waste water treatment plants capture many of the microfibres, up to 40% enter our waterways and oceans.

The following ABC Catalyst segment (18:52 mins) from March 2016 provides a good overview of microfibres and their impact on marine life.

Combating this type of pollution is a big reason Cathy has encouraged Transition Newcastle to become more involved in upcycling.

The slow clothing movement is another way to challenge the use of synthetic fibres. In 2015, Textile Beat created a slow clothing manifesto which provides ideas for things we can do:

Slow clothing manifesto

(Source: Textile Beat)

The other things we have to do is get active in demanding legislative, policy and corporate changes. Here are a few groups working on plastic pollution and microfibres:

What will you do to help make a difference?

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