Scam alert – Renewal Letter from ASIC

Copy of ASIC scam emailI’ve recently registered Transition Newcastle as a charity with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) so when I the above email I at first thought it could be related to our registration.

The text read:

Please find information in the following link regarding the renewal for your company.
Renewal letter [which was a link – not legitimate]
Select this link to view, save or print the information. This link will remain active for 28 days.
If you no longer need your business name to be registered, please email us at
If you have any questions, contact us at [which was a legitimate link]

Michelle Inda
Senior Executive Leader
Australian Securities and Investments Commission

It looked fairly legitimate except that I doubted that ASIC would send such an email. On closer inspection there were a few signs it was not legitimate.

  1. The email address it came from “” Notice the spelling of “governement”
  2. When I hovered over my mouse over the link in “Renewal letter” I could see it would take me to…. Clearly not an ASIC web address.
  3. The email address to contact them was “” It seems strange that this is the only email address they provide.
  4. It didn’t include any details like the name of the “company” (and Transition Newcastle is not a company) or our registration number.

Not surprisingly, when I did a search on the internet, I found a warning about scam emails on the ASIC website.

Always be careful before clicking on links in emails even if it appears to be from a reliable source.

Here’s some useful information about protecting yourself from scams provided by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s ScamWatch.

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