Zero Gravity by Kate Millder-Heidke (A Song for Sunday)

We’ve just got back from Bushtime at Woodford. Normally between Christmas and New Year there is a large music festival with around 130,000 people at Woodford. This year, because of COVID, there was a much smaller event with only around 1250 people. It was a very different to the normal festival, but still great.

One of the highlights was seeing Kate Miller-Heidke perform. So good.

This video is from her performance of Zero Gravity at the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest. For those who don’t know, the Eurovision Song Contest has almost a cult following in Australia (my family normally has a party with friends to watch it) which led to Australia (to the disgust of geography teachers around the world) being part of Europe’s biggest song contest.

Zero Gravity is a song about post-natal depression. According to an Australian Story episode about Miller-Heidke:

“Zero Gravity” is about the feeling that you get when you shake off depression, when you finally wake up one morning and when you realise that it’s not there today, it’s like sort of floating up into the air.

It is an powerful song, with an amazing performance.

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1 Response to Zero Gravity by Kate Millder-Heidke (A Song for Sunday)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Just WOW!!! Incredible in every sense!! Thank you for sharing Graeme. 🙏

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