Blog statistics for 2022 (Transparency report)

I provide an overview of my blog statistics each year (although I missed 2021) in case they are of interest.

Key statistics for 2022

  • Number of views for the life of the blog at the end of 2022 – 2,299,854
  • Number of views in 2022 – 290,945 (311,659 in 2021 and 400,492 in 2020)
  • Average number of views/day in 2022 – 797 (854 in 2021 and 1094 in 2020)
  • Number of visitors in 2022 – 207,100 (222,589 in 2021 and 271,703 in 2020)
  • Number of post likes in 2022 – 27 (104 in 2021 and 74 in 2020)
  • Number of comments in 2022 – 54 (75 in 2021 and 206 in 2020)
  • Number of followers of blog at the end of 2022 – 1444

It could be that my blog has reached its peak and is declining, but it could also be that I spent less time on my blog in 2021 and 2022. (In 2020 I averaged 1094 views a day, but this decreased to 854 in 2021 and 797 last year.)

I find it interesting that while the blog does get quite a lot of views, it isn’t widely followed and it doesn’t attract many comments or much discussion. I would like to hear more about what readers’ experience and insights, so I might think about how to increase the two way communication.

Top posts for 2022

The following are the top 10 posts for 2022. Because most of my views come from internet searches, most of them were written a few years ago.

  1. It’s simple maths, not a once in a 1000 year phenomenon – 43,978 views, written in 2017
  2. 4 types of power: What are power over; power with; power to and power within? – 43,892 views, written in 2019
  3. What are social models of health? – 11,134 views, written in 2015
  4. What is asset-based community development (ABCD)? – 10,588 views, written in 2013
  5. Types of community engagement – 10,025 views, written in 2012
  6. What is community capacity building? – 10,005 views, written in 2014
  7. What is the Spectrum of Public Participation? – 9,936 views, written in 2017
  8. What is praxis? – 9,900 views, written in 2017            
  9. What is the Strengths Perspective? – 8,918 views, written in 2012
  10. What are complex problems? – 8,446 views, written in 2014

Other information about the blog

I found 2020 and 2021 challenging for a number of reasons (including COVID and the end of my time at the Family Action Centre) and my blog received less of my time. This meant that last year I didn’t post anything until the end of October, but I’m hoping to focus on it more regularly again.

My main aims in writing the blog are to write posts that are of use to practitioners and students, to help me to learn about relevant topics and to reflect on my practice. If my priority was to increase the number of views, my most popular post for the last 5 years would change the focus of the blog. (It discusses a silly post on Facebook that keeps circulating.) I could encourage me to write posts that attract a broader audience, but that is not my aim. The number of views is only one indication that people might be finding the blog useful, but it is not the most important thing. I want the blog to continue focusing on strengths-based approaches to working with individuals, groups and communities.

As always the blog reflects the focus of my work and so I will be writing more about the Alternatives to Violence Project and related issues (such group work practice, nonviolence and conflict resolution).

I use the free platform (with the Twenty Ten theme), but pay for the advertising free upgrade. I don’t make any money from the blog (and I don’t plan to) so income generation doesn’t influence my posts.

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If you find any problems with the blog, (e.g., broken links or typos) I’d love to hear about them. You can either add a comment below or contact me via the Contact page.

About Graeme Stuart

Lecturer (Family Action Centre, Newcastle Uni), blogger (Sustaining Community), Alternatives to Violence Project facilitator, environmentalist, father. Passionate about families, community development, peace, sustainability.
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2 Responses to Blog statistics for 2022 (Transparency report)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Dear Graham,
    what an interesting way to analytically and accurately assess your blog – but it’s not the way a journalist would do it.

    Take your first point: “It could be that my blog has reached its peak and is declining, but it could also be that I spent less time on my blog in 2021 and 2022.” I say nonsense! Blame the readers. Now the pandemic is over they’re all out and about. In fact I would say that using (imaginary) data your share of the market is actually growing, because people are abandoning other blogs far more rapidly.

    Secondly, you say you’d “like to hear more about readers’ experience and insights”. No! I heard from a reader once, but they didn’t agree with me. It was a horrifying experience and I have made a point of never speaking to one ever again. Far easier.

    Have a happy new year,



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