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The challenge of how to describe program participants

How do we describe participants in research that capture some of their challenges but also recognises their strengths and potential? Continue reading

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Interested in postgraduate study in family studies?

If you could be interested in postgraduate study in family studies, the Family Action Centre is offering an online, interactive information session on Wednesday 10th April, 2019 at 7.30pm, Newcastle time. Continue reading

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My current projects (April 2019)

I’m employed as a lecturer at the Family Action Centre (FAC), University of Newcastle (Australia) which is a great place for somebody with my interests as the FAC incorporates teaching, research, and the delivery of family and community programs. There is always something interesting going on. Here are some of the projects I’m currently involved in. Continue reading

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Searching for my authoritative voice

Sometimes I fear I’m going to be discovered as a fraud. Who am I to be writing a blog on community engagement? On what basis do I support other organisations to improve their work? Am I really preparing students for … Continue reading

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Journals publishing on community engagement

What journals publish articles on community engagement? To find out I did a search in two large databases (Proquest and EBSCO) for any articles in scholarly journals that had “community engagement” in their title, to identify which Journals had the … Continue reading

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Some hints re course coordination for new lecturers

[Updated 23 January 2018] I’ve been asked to speak to new lecturers at the University of Newcastle about the role of a course coordinator and thought I’d share some thoughts here. (Note: the University of Newcastle uses course to refer … Continue reading

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Measuring impact and being open and transparent

If measurement is going to make a major difference to the practice of family and community work, we need to become much better at being transparent, open and honest. Not surprisingly, when we talk publicly about what we do, we … Continue reading

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A blogging milestone

After I had been blogging for a little while, I remember Tricia from Little Echo Footprints (who now micro-blogs at triciaeco) telling me that she averaged around 500 views/day. At the time (2012) I was averaging around 20 views/day and I … Continue reading

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Don’t call me doctor!

In a recent article I wrote with some colleagues on engaging Aboriginal fathers, two of us (Chris and me) were called Dr and our colleague (Craig) wasn’t. What message does this give? I suspect the differentiation gives the two of … Continue reading

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A reading list on ABCD (over 150 resources)

[Updated 9 November 2019 to add new resources. Click here for a list of the new ones.] The following are readings I’ve collected about asset-based community development (ABCD) and other asset-based approaches to working with communities. (If you want you … Continue reading

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