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Creating a safe space for a workshop on Zoom

Reflecting on strategies for creating a safe space for an Alternatives to Violence Project workshop we are offering via Zoom Continue reading

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Voluntary participation in group work – the example of Alternatives to Violence Project

An important foundation of AVP is that it is based on voluntary participation [1, 2]. We expect that workshop participants have made a choice to come to the workshop and generally do not accept mandatory referrals (e.g., court orders). At … Continue reading

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Seven principles for a strengths-based approach to working with groups

There is surprisingly little literature on strengths-based approaches to group work. Most of the available literature focuses on groups as part of a broader strengths-based approach to a particularly issue or target group, rather than a strengths-based approach to actually … Continue reading

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The Unconference: a participatory, inclusive gathering

Last week I participated in the second Unconference near Newcastle. According to the Unconference website: An ‘Unconference’ is a participant-driven gathering. Delegates actively contribute to the agenda sharing lots of dynamic open discussions. Rather than a single speaker at the … Continue reading

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