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The challenge of how to describe program participants

How do we describe participants in research that capture some of their challenges but also recognises their strengths and potential? Continue reading

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Evidence-Informed Practice and the Integration of Research, Policy, Teaching and Practice in Family Services

The text of an article Deb Hartman and I have just had published in Developing Practice on evidence-informed practice and the integration of research, policy, teaching and practice in family services Continue reading

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Name.Narrate.Navigate: a program for young people who use violence in their families

Name.Narrate.Navigate (NNN) is a program exploring trauma-informed, culturally-sensitive responses to family and domestic violence by young people. NNN, works with young people who have committed family and domestic violence; are identified at risk of coming into contact with the justice system for same; or who live in family and community contexts with high rates of family and domestic violence. The program also works to upskill practitioners in a range of sectors to work with these young people in ways that address the spectrum of violence, abuse and trauma from victimisation through perpetration. Continue reading

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Promoting Nonviolent Relationships: Alternatives to Violence Project Workshops with Parents

These slides are a presentation Gener Lapina and I did at the Rethinking Peace, Conflict and Governance conference in Paramatta (12-14 February 2020). It was part of a session called “Alternatives to Violence, Psychosocial Transformation and Peacebuilding.” Some of the … Continue reading

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Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP), social capital & people from refugee backgrounds

An overview of research undertaking by the Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP) and the NSW Service for the Treatment and Rehabilitation of Torture and Trauma Survivors (STARTTS) exploring the impact of AVP workshops with people from refugee backgrounds on social impact. Continue reading

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Uni4You: A case study of a community-based University widening participation program promoting lifelong learning

Uni4You is an innovative, pre-access and widening participation strategy based at the Family Action Centre, University of Newcastle (UON). Since 2013, Uni4You has supported students who often have a lived experience of educational disadvantage and are often the first in their families, and their neighbourhoods, to enrol in higher education. Continue reading

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My current projects (February 2020)

My focus is slowing shifting and, in some ways, I’m returning to my roots in the peace movement. Here’s a brief overview of some of the projects I’m involved in. Continue reading

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A reading list on family and community engagement

Here is a reading list for an online elective I offer to students at the University of Newcastle about family and community engagement. Continue reading

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Global Climate Strike (Friday 20 September): Everyone is invited, everyone is needed

I’m very pleased that my work place (the Family Action Centre) has endorsed the School Strikers and the Global Climate Strike on Friday 20 September. Here is our statement: The Family Action Centre, University of Newcastle, recognises that families and … Continue reading

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An example of strengths-based engagement

The following is part of a reflection from Vanessa Linden, one of my students in HLSC6105 (Engaging families and communities) as part of her Master of Family Studies at the University of Newcastle. She was happy for me to share … Continue reading

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