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A reading list on family and community engagement

Here is a reading list for an online elective I offer to students at the University of Newcastle about family and community engagement. Continue reading

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Global Climate Strike (Friday 20 September): Everyone is invited, everyone is needed

I’m very pleased that my work place (the Family Action Centre) has endorsed the School Strikers and the Global Climate Strike on Friday 20 September. Here is our statement: The Family Action Centre, University of Newcastle, recognises that families and … Continue reading

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An example of strengths-based engagement

The following is part of a reflection from Vanessa Linden, one of my students in HLSC6105 (Engaging families and communities) as part of her Master of Family Studies at the University of Newcastle. She was happy for me to share … Continue reading

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Research at the Family Action Centre

Today I’m giving a two minute “pitch” about research at the Family Action Centre. We have to “show how your discipline’s research contributes to a consumer, client or potential industry partner.” Continue reading

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My current projects (April 2019)

I’m employed as a lecturer at the Family Action Centre (FAC), University of Newcastle (Australia) which is a great place for somebody with my interests as the FAC incorporates teaching, research, and the delivery of family and community programs. There is always something interesting going on. Here are some of the projects I’m currently involved in. Continue reading

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Exploring the impact of Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP)

The AVP International Research team, which I’m part of, is exploring how we can measure the impact of workshops, while maintaining the experiential, flexible approach of the workshops. Continue reading

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The Alternatives to Violence Project: Reflections on a strengths-based approach to nonviolent relationships and conflict resolution

This is the text of a peer-reviewed paper that Gener Lapina (from AVP and Family Support Newcastle) and I had published as part of the 2018 Family and Relationship Services Association conference. The citation with a link to the published … Continue reading

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The struggle of trying to write

I’ve been struggling with my writing for a while now. Although my blogging varies quite a lot depending on how busy I am, I usually average five to six blog posts a month. So far this year, I’ve only averaged … Continue reading

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Presenting 2 papers at the Family & Relationship Services Australia conference

I’ve had two papers accepted for the Family & Relationship Services Australia conference in Cairns in November this year. One on the Alternatives to Violence Project and one on Uni4You: the abstracts are below. If you are at the conference, … Continue reading

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Alternate pathways for young people who have perpetrated violence

I’m excited to have been invited to join this project developed by a colleague in social work, Tamara Blakemore. I’m looking forward to building on my experience with the Alternatives to Violence Project, exploring how we can address domestic and … Continue reading

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