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Dom Perrottet’s focus on families

Too often when a politician supports family values or has a focus on families, it involves a narrow definition of family and excludes many families from their vision, it is fails to address issues like poverty and discrimination facing families, and assumes certain gendered roles for men and women within a family. Continue reading

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Coal is good for humanity? Tony Abbott, climate change & wind farms

Last year the Australian Prime Minister said, “Coal is good for humanity”! He went on to say Coal is essential for the prosperity of the world. Energy is what sustains our prosperity, and coal is the world’s principal energy source … Continue reading

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Slashing foreign aid? Not good enough!

Jacqui Lambie (an Australian politician from the state of Tasmania) has called for the cutting of the foreign aid budget but has rejected an invitation to visit some of these projects to see the difference they make. Lambie is unrepentant. … Continue reading

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