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A reading list on ABCD (over 150 resources)

[Updated 9 November 2019 to add new resources. Click here for a list of the new ones.] The following are readings I’ve collected about asset-based community development (ABCD) and other asset-based approaches to working with communities. (If you want you … Continue reading

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Making parents feel welcome in schools

12 things that would make me feel parents are welcome at a primary school (some of which have happened at my daughters’ school and some at other schools I’ve seen): Consistent messages in the newsletter that the school values the … Continue reading

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A story of two communities

Some colleagues and I have recently started using a great asset-based community development (ABCD) training exercise—Community A and Community B—to explore how the questions we ask can shape how we see the communities we work with. There is a bit … Continue reading

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Honeycomb Kids – Big Picture Parenting

Anna Campbell has just released her book “Honeycomb Kids – Big Picture Parenting“. According to the book’s blurb Honeycomb Kids is a book about making the most of the day-to-day with your family while preparing your children for likely impacts … Continue reading

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How to use the internet – a resource

Increasingly community engagement is happening online. There are many people, however, who aren’t very confident using the internet and/or social media. The South Australian Government has created a site (http://www.forwardit.sa.gov.au) that provides information for beginners that will help them browse … Continue reading

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Building on the strengths of communities

Dee Brooks and I had a brief article published in Defence Family Matters. They asked us to focus on the importance of passion and the work we have been doing with the Defence Community Organisation. It starts on page 12.

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A website on resilient communities and community leadership

I’ve just been looking at the blog/webpage of Bob Stilger “Healthy and Resilient Communities“. His focus is on resilient communities, community leadership and hosting conversations that matter. His blog has some very practical reflections about the successes and challenges of … Continue reading

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Public Participation Tool Box

The International Association of Public Participation’s (IAP2) Tool Box has almost 60 different tools that can be used in community engagement. The tools are grouped under three broad areas: Techniques to share information Techniques to compile and provide feedback Techniques … Continue reading

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Literature on engaging Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Communities

30 September 2019 – I have created an updated list at https://sustainingcommunity.wordpress.com/2019/09/30/engaging-atsi-families-communities/. The following are various articles I’ve come across relating to working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Communities. Some of them directly relate to community engagement, are more … Continue reading

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Another useful resource on community engagement

The Victoria Department of Sustainability and Environment has a useful three-volume set of books on community engagement (available as PDFs). The fist volume is an introduction and covers a range of concepts that can be helpful in planning community engagement … Continue reading

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