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The Transition Streets Challenge is an exciting street level program bringing neighbours together to explore ways of reducing their environmental impact while building a more connected neighbourhood. Find out more: What is the Transition Streets Challenge?

Past posts (latest first):

Food month(s) for our Transition Streets group

Transition Streets addresses five broad areas: energy, water, food, transport and consumption & waste. Food has clearly been the topic that has caught the interest of our group the most. We normally spend a month on each topic, but we’ve … Continue reading

A Transition Streets water challenge

Since completing the first challenge of turning off our taps for a day (only using one bucket of water each for the day), we have finished the second: seeing how much water we could save over a week. (The challenge … Continue reading

Turning off the taps

On Saturday we turned off our water at the meter and were only allowed to use 10 litres of water per person. As part of the Transition Streets Challenge, we’re doing one of the water challenges: For one day – … Continue reading

Transition Streets Challenge (from the Newcastle Herald)

The following article about the Transition Streets Challenge appeared in the Newcastle Herald over the weekend (by Lesley Edwards). HOW have some Novocastrians responded to the challenges of living more sustainably? Five streets in Tighes Hill, Islington, The Hill and … Continue reading

Interview re Transition Streets Challenge

Cathy and I were interviewed by Rob Hopkins (the co-founder of the Transition Towns movement) about the Transition Streets Challenge. You can read (or hear) the interview at

The Transition Streets Challenge: Potential and challenges

The Transition Movement is a global movement consisting of Transition Towns and Transition Initiatives exploring local strategies for building low-carbon, resilient communities able to mitigate the effects of climate change and peak oil. Since Transition Town Totnes was launched in … Continue reading

Transition Streets Challenge – comments from coordinators

The pilot of the Transition Streets Challenge recently finished. Each of the coordinators from the five streets gave us a statement about their experience and/or some of the impact. (You can also see a slideshow of some of the highlights HERE, … Continue reading

Transition Streets Challenge powerpoint

We had a celebration of the end of the pilot of the Transition Streets Challenge. Here is a PowerPoint Cathy developed based on the work in the five streets. Tsc celebration 2013 from Graeme Stuart If you are interested, there … Continue reading

Transition Streets Challenge – building community

At the launch of the Transition Streets Challenge we asked the streets what they hoped to gain from the program. Not surprisingly one of the main themes was becoming more sustainable (e.g.”Increase our awareness about sustainability and how to adopt … Continue reading

Transition Streets Challenge launch

Around 80 people attended the launch of the Transition Streets Challenge over the weekend. I think we managed to create an event that was enjoyable, created some energy and showed that this was a significant initiative. There were representatives from … Continue reading

The Transition Streets Challenge – an overview (an early overview before the pilot)

It’s very exciting – the Transition Streets Challenge is being launched today! The Challenge, which Transition Newcastle has been planning for some time, is an opportunity for neighbours to come together and support each other in reducing their energy and … Continue reading


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