Some good articles/links – domestic and family violence

Domestic and family violence have been in the news quite a bit this week due to the start of public hearings for the Victorian Royal Commission into Family Violence, so this week’s weekend reading focuses on domestic and family violence.

How to help a loved one who’s being abused by their partner by Sandra Kim via Everyday Feminism – a very non-judgemental approach to supporting someone experiencing domestic or family violence.

Why didn’t she just leave? by Kit-Bacon Gressitt via Excuse me I’m writing – Kit’s story of trying to leave a violent relationship.

3 ways to keep yourself safe when you’re not ready to leave your abusive partner by Maisha Z. Johnson via Everyday Feminism – it can be very hard to leave an abusive relationship and post contains some useful ideas about keeping safe until a person is ready and able to leave.

Domestic violence hotline faces spike in demand by Paul Donoughue via the ABC – a behind the scenes look at a domestic violence hotline.

My Surviving Domestic Violence Story from Surviving Domestic Violence – a personal story of a violent relationship that captures some common features of domestic violence.

DVRCV’s Submission to the Royal Commission into Family Violence from the domestic violence Resource Centre Victoria – what they think needs to be done to address domestic violence.

One from the vaults

What can you do when someone you know is experiencing domestic violence?

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